Photogenic Longevity

It has always been said that longevity runs in the Raymond family, but it turns out the race is a marathon. Marie Eugenie Ledger lived from 1783 – 1871, and was still alive when her grandson John Raymo was born in New York in 1861. Her daughter, Sophie St. Denis, was born in 1803 in Quebec, and lived long enough to prove that being photogenic is genetic:


Sophie married Casimir Gedeon Laforce (1801 – 1854) who was also a native of Quebec. Sophie was fortunate that her husband was only two years her senior, since many Raymond ancestors married men old enough to be their fathers. Casimir’s father had the memorable name Hippolite Laforce (1769 – 1821), which I’m sure will become fashionable again any day. Sophie and Casimir’s daughter Delena Lina Laforce (1841 – 1899) married Hugh Augustin Raymo (1835 – 1917) in 1860. Here is a record of their marriage (13); you can see Antoine Raymond, Hugh’s oldest brother, was also present.


The next year, 1861, they welcomed their first child, John Raymo (1861 – 1922). John married Maria LaShomb (1858 – 1948) in 1882. Maria’s parents, Edward Lajambe-Pitre-Lashomb (1836 – 1900) and Mary Marie Lacombe (1824 – 1912),  had also traveled to St. Lawrence as part of the Acadian migration from Quebec. For the last twelve years of her life, Mary Marie Lacombe lived with her daughter Marie and son in law John, just as Marie herself would one day live with her son Elmer Raymond and his wife Nellie.


John and Maria LaShomb Raymo are buried at Calvary cemetery in Brasher, New York